A Different Perspective

by RoundtheworldAdmin on September 7, 2016

After being back in the US for about a month after traveling to Vietnam, I’ve realized how many things that I have taken for granted in the past. Something as simple as drinking a cold bottle of water is as easy as opening the refrigerator in the US, but in Vietnam all of the beverages are served at room temperature. After returning home I had many cravings for their delicious food and a new appreciation for eating with chopsticks. The biggest impact that traveling to Vietnam made on me was the kindness of strangers. One day I was able to travel to an ancient village about an hour outside of Hanoi. There the people were friendly and welcoming to about 200 strangers. We were able to ride their bicycles and they offered us food. We visited their Buddhist temples and helped to plant a rice paddy. During the day the villagers smiled and waved at us and didn’t seem to mind having so many guests in their village. Being able to witness the kindness of strangers who were willing to interrupt their daily routines to share their lives with us was a nice reminder that there are many kind people living all over the world.

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