Always Be Grateful

by RoundtheworldAdmin on August 3, 2016

After attending two conference days there is a large amount of material that I would love to share. The information that the guest speakers have delivered is powerful to say the least. Every tea break, lunch session, networking opportunity, and night I begin attempting to process everything that I have gained from this exceptional opportunity. The one reoccurring theme that I cannot seem to forget is how blessed I, and most Americans, truly are. During the conference we have been educated on topics such as poverty, trafficking, and agent orange, we have been told stories of young women who have been sold at the young ages of eight for a worthless fifty dollars, and we have been shown short clips that time and time again prove that our simple complaints are inconsequential.

Everyone might experience a hard time in life, but luckily many of us quickly recover. Meanwhile, other people struggle and fight for their lives every single day. I cannot express enough the importance of being grateful for everything in life, including the small things, such as a glass of fresh water. Overall, next time you think you are having a bad day, before complaining, think about all of the things you have to be grateful for.

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