Leadership Symposium: Vietnam

Vietnam Symposium: After Thoughts

by RoundtheworldAdmin on September 15, 2016

      Vietnam is a dragon of industry on the rise. However, this poses new problems for a developing nation. The need for money has led to prostitution, underground fighting, slavery, and caused a gap of poverty right outside the main cities. Hanoi was the hub of the country and I wish I could’ve experienced more of Vietnam. But, what I am thankful I experienced while in Hanoi with 69 different countries was the openness to discuss the topics of Vietnam and other developing countries. Prostitution, human trafficking, poverty, and inequalities for every kind of person were just a few of the topics discussed on our 7 day journey through the Symposium. Nothing has ever opened my eyes and brought me to tears more than hearing the personal accounts of the speakers. Hearing and listening to these people speak about their pursuits in humanitarian affairs and the passion they had while explaining why they give their lives to making the world a better place truly touched my soul and every single persons soul in that conference room.

       I would immediately sign up to return as a representative the next summer to gain more knowledge and ideas on how to tackle one problem in particular. I want to implement a therapy service to women, men, and children who have experienced extreme trauma in their life in Asian countries. Therapy or seeking help is frowned upon in these cultures but it is desperately apparent that people who have experienced trauma such as forced sex slavery or horrific incidents should have a free safe haven to come to and seek that solice. It is a specific topic of interest but I want to fight to make it a reality because of the Leadership Symposium.

A Different Perspective

by RoundtheworldAdmin on September 7, 2016

After being back in the US for about a month after traveling to Vietnam, I’ve realized how many things that I have taken for granted in the past. Something as simple as drinking a cold bottle of water is as easy as opening the refrigerator in the US, but in Vietnam all of the beverages are served at room temperature. After returning home I had many cravings for their delicious food and a new appreciation for eating with chopsticks. The biggest impact that traveling to Vietnam made on me was the kindness of strangers. One day I was able to travel to an ancient village about an hour outside of Hanoi. There the people were friendly and welcoming to about 200 strangers. We were able to ride their bicycles and they offered us food. We visited their Buddhist temples and helped to plant a rice paddy. During the day the villagers smiled and waved at us and didn’t seem to mind having so many guests in their village. Being able to witness the kindness of strangers who were willing to interrupt their daily routines to share their lives with us was a nice reminder that there are many kind people living all over the world.

In The Days After

August 19, 2016

In the time since we returned from Vietnam, it has occurred to me just how lucky I was to be in the midst of so many people from so many different places. I don’t think that I realized the gravity of that while I was there, because it was all so overwhelming. As I sit […]

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Thank You For Everything

August 8, 2016

This is by far the hardest blog that I have written yet, due to the fact that I have taken away such a great amount from this experience. To begin I would like to thank this organization for taking the chance to start such a moving symposium. It proved to be successful for seven years […]

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Symposium Day 6: Closing Ceremonies

August 6, 2016

The final day has come for the University Scholars Leadership Symposium in Hanoi, Vietnam. The morning sessions were focused on servant leadership and developing our leadership skills as the future of our world. Even though the final day was a long one the final performances once again touched my heart. The Hope Band that performed […]

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Fight Like a Girl

August 5, 2016

Today, in my opinion, we had the most interesting speakers yet. We started the morning with a woman who told her story of being human trafficked in the United States to work in a Brothel in New York. This story was extremely emotional, and if you looked around you saw many glistening eyes and some […]

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Cautious Americans

August 5, 2016

Before arriving to Vietnam I was excited for the entire conference, however I was most eager for the opportunity to visit a local school. Like I had mentioned in my previous blog post, my future career goal is to become a principal. With this goal in mind I met with the principal of the elementary […]

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Symposium Day 4

August 4, 2016

I came across this woman shown in the photo above in passing. Her smile drew me to her. It was not because of her beauty but it was because she was smiling even in her situation. She wore no shoes and carried the sod on her back in 95 degree weather and yet, she was […]

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A day in an ancient village

August 4, 2016

Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to tour a village that is over 1,000 years old. We rode bikes around the busy streets and we were able to fully immerse ourselves in the daily lives of the people who live there. We visited their Buddhist temples, ate a traditional lunch, helped weave brooms out of […]

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Always Be Grateful

August 3, 2016

After attending two conference days there is a large amount of material that I would love to share. The information that the guest speakers have delivered is powerful to say the least. Every tea break, lunch session, networking opportunity, and night I begin attempting to process everything that I have gained from this exceptional opportunity. […]

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