Cautious Americans

by RoundtheworldAdmin on August 5, 2016

Before arriving to Vietnam I was excited for the entire conference, however I was most eager for the opportunity to visit a local school. Like I had mentioned in my previous blog post, my future career goal is to become a principal. With this goal in mind I met with the principal of the elementary school. After sharing my goal with him he quickly said “point out everything at this school that needs to be changed”. I was quickly taken back by this statement because he was the expert here. Since I did not yet know a lot about how their academics were run, we discussed the differences in the school structure. The first thing that I noticed was the large unmarked drop off bordering their auditorium; I explained that this would not be allowed in our schools due to safety. He then smiled and said “Oh yes! I forgot how overbearingly cautious Americans were”. From there we continued the conversation, exchanged academic information, and I learned a lot about how their classrooms were run, along with the expectations of the staff.

Around an hour later, the principal rushed over to me, with a grin on his face he said “Ms. Maseroni, I think you really are the expert here. Just today we have had two kids fall due to that drop off, I guess I just never personally noticed! Would you mind walking around the school and pointing out all other safety concerns? I would like to make this school more Americanized; you know like safer”.

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