Fight Like a Girl

by RoundtheworldAdmin on August 5, 2016

Today, in my opinion, we had the most interesting speakers yet. We started the morning with a woman who told her story of being human trafficked in the United States to work in a Brothel in New York. This story was extremely emotional, and if you looked around you saw many glistening eyes and some dabbing away tears. In some you saw anger, anger that this could happening in the west, but hopefully some will turn that anger into action. This story was only topped emotionally by the next woman who spoke of her work with children in Cambodia which personally brought me to tears.
To end the day we had a self defense demonstration by the woman who created SheFighter. This is a self defense class to empower women that is currently in a campaign across the Middle East. This was the first speech that focused less on the problems at hand, and more solutions for women to protect themselves against physical violence and sexual assault.
Speakers aside, today had one resounding message. Every story, every woman, in one way or another, was telling us to fight. Whether they fought for themselves, for children, for the poor,for what they believe in or for those who have had their rights and humanity taken away, all of these strong women fought. I think this lit a fire in us all, a fire that we can hopefully harness and use to make a difference in the world. So, in the end, today I was inspired to fight like a girl.

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