Symposium Day 4

by RoundtheworldAdmin on August 4, 2016


I came across this woman shown in the photo above in passing. Her smile drew me to her. It was not because of her beauty but it was because she was smiling even in her situation. She wore no shoes and carried the sod on her back in 95 degree weather and yet, she was smiling. I could not believe she could smile at her life while I was pouting at why I was in this village on my birthday. Yes, it was my birthday. After I came across that woman my perspective on my life changed. After that moment when we helped farm the land and make brooms from wheat to help the women of the village, I was thankful for what I had in my life and I was filled with a purpose. We couldn’t speak to each other but we could smile and share an experience together. The children didn’t know me and yet they hugged me. The people didn’t know me and yet they shared a meal with me. I know I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend my birthday.

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