Vietnam Symposium: After Thoughts

by RoundtheworldAdmin on September 15, 2016

      Vietnam is a dragon of industry on the rise. However, this poses new problems for a developing nation. The need for money has led to prostitution, underground fighting, slavery, and caused a gap of poverty right outside the main cities. Hanoi was the hub of the country and I wish I could’ve experienced more of Vietnam. But, what I am thankful I experienced while in Hanoi with 69 different countries was the openness to discuss the topics of Vietnam and other developing countries. Prostitution, human trafficking, poverty, and inequalities for every kind of person were just a few of the topics discussed on our 7 day journey through the Symposium. Nothing has ever opened my eyes and brought me to tears more than hearing the personal accounts of the speakers. Hearing and listening to these people speak about their pursuits in humanitarian affairs and the passion they had while explaining why they give their lives to making the world a better place truly touched my soul and every single persons soul in that conference room.

       I would immediately sign up to return as a representative the next summer to gain more knowledge and ideas on how to tackle one problem in particular. I want to implement a therapy service to women, men, and children who have experienced extreme trauma in their life in Asian countries. Therapy or seeking help is frowned upon in these cultures but it is desperately apparent that people who have experienced trauma such as forced sex slavery or horrific incidents should have a free safe haven to come to and seek that solice. It is a specific topic of interest but I want to fight to make it a reality because of the Leadership Symposium.

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